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Dillingham Area

Dillingham, AK is a small fishing community of about 2500 full time residents. Dillingham sits on the shores of Nushagak Bay, an inlet of Bristol Bay. There are several small stores and gift shops in town located 3 miles from the airport as well as many Bed & Breakfasts should you want to stay a while. Dillingham is the doorway to host of wild places and outdoor adventures.


Wood-Tikchik State Park

This breathtakingly beautiful 1.6 million acres is the largest state park in the nation. It was created in 1978 to preserve fish and wildlife populations and recreational activities. The two separate systems of interconnected waterways consist of lakes varying in length from 15 to 45 miles and would take a whole summer to see. The first lake of this park, Lake Alekenagik , can be reached from Dillingham via a 20 mile paved road. If you have the time it is well worth the drive. Please check Alaska's Wood-Tikchik State Park for more details.


Togiak National Wildlife Refuge

This refuge that stretches from Bristol Bay to the Ahklun Mountains is home to 48 mammal species, 31 of whom live on land, 17 that leave in the sea. These include wolves, moose, brown bear, wolverines, sea lions, walrus, seals, and over 150,000 caribou. This is the 4th largest NWR in the state and bigger than any in the lower 48 so if you want to see it all it's going to take some time. For more information please see the official Togiak National Wildlife Refuge website.


Lake Clark National Park - Dick Proenneke

If any of you have ever seen the amazing PBS documentary "Alone In The Wilderness" you already know who Dick is. He "retired" to the Twin Lake's region when he was 52 years old and built his own cabin completely by hand. He lived here alone for most of the next 31 years and video taped much of what he experienced. Dick passed away in 2003 at the age of 87 and left his cabin to the National Park Service. Today anyone can go and witness this amazing creation and be Alone In The Wilderness. See the National Park Service website for Lake Clark National Park for more details.