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Nushagak River Lodge

The Nushagak River Lodge was the first of its kind on the Nushagak River. We built our lodge during the summer of 2000 ten miles down river from the tent camp we had run for 12 years. The lodge sits on a small bluff overlooking the river which extends 700 yards across at this point.Nushagak River Dock

The lodge provides all the comforts of home combined with best equipment to meet the needs of the Alaskan fisherman. It all starts at the river' s edge with our 'T' Style dock which extends over 60 feet into the water. This makes it easier to land your boat, gives you a place to fish from that gets you right out where the fish are, and assures you will be able to come and go at any time regardless of the state of the tide.

As you travel up the trail you'll first find the main dining hall. At over 1000 square feet with front and rear porch there is plenty of room to stretch out. It's here that you'll enjoy a continental breakfast and two meals a day provided by our experienced cooking staff. Meals will include Alaskan favorites such as king salmon, halibut, shrimp, and crab as well as steak, chicken, pork chops and much more.

Nushagak River LodgeThe dining hall also offers telephone service (calling card required), satellite TV, and internet access for those of you who can't bear to be out of touch.

Interior Nushagak River Lodge

Our bathhouse consist of three complete bathrooms each with it's own sink, toilet, and shower. During night hours when the generator is off we have two convenient outhouses. Nushagak River Rainbow

To help you relax even more we offer an authentic native steam. Steams are essential parts of life in Alaska. The steam, or sauna if you like, includes a changing room with a sink and a shower in the steam room itself.

Your well constructed sleeping cabin is 12' by 12'. Each cabin has either 3 beds in it or 2 beds and a bunk bed for families.

We have a walk in freezer on site to preserve the quality of your fish. Travelling with fish that is already frozen solid with help ensure it makes it to your destination without any problem.

Please see our Lodge Gallery for even more pictures.